Friday, January 26, 2007

Time for another baby!

I have two kids. The oldest is 17. I just found out today that I can't claim my 17 for child credit on my taxes. What's up with that?! I feed her, clothe her, I'll be paying to send her to college, but I can't get credit for her on my taxes?
I told my younger child that I was gonna have to have another baby and she just shuddered! LOL! There is no way I would want to go through bottles and diapers and waking up several times a night again!
So, maybe I can claim my 2 dogs. They are 2 and 1, so that should be good for deductions for a few years...
JUST KIDDING! Don't turn me into the IRS!


Blogger ZenPanda said...

I found that wonderful "gift" from the IRS a few years back when Son#1 was hurt, then Step turned 17 & it really sucked...Now I don't want to file for a return anymore...not worth the head ache. (I will let the hubby file it all)

I keep thinking of adopting a 7 yr old.... not really but it is nice thought on occasion.

1:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...I thought you could deduct until they were 25 if in school.


10:41 AM


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